Dr Charlie Howard, MAC-UK

Dr Charlie HowardDr. Charlie Howard is a practising Clinical Psychologist invested in accelerating change in public services, with a focus on transforming the way we consider, describe and treat mental health.
Through her work, Dr. Howard aspires to turn service delivery on its head by making mental wellbeing everyone’s business.

Using her Clinical Psychology expertise, she has developed an approach proven to transform systems by building from within; creating collaborations between services, excluded populations and wider society to accelerate change.

Dr. Howard has applied this thinking to a number of local and national initiatives, providing leadership from frontline delivery to policy level change.

This began when Dr. Howard founded MAC-UK in 2008 with a group of gang-involved young people in London. She transformed the approach to dealing with these gangs by engaging them in ‘street therapy’, meeting them on their terms and involving them in their treatment.

She was CEO of MAC-UK until May 2014. She remains involved in an Ambassadorial capacity.
From this starting point, Dr. Howard became and remains a Big Lottery England Committee Member and was made an Ashoka Fellow in January 2013, the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide.

Dr. Howard was also made the inaugural Fellow of Catch22 from May 2014-January 2016.
The Fellowship was established to support outstanding individuals who have already demonstrated success in tackling a social problem, and who are now looking for support to take their ideas to scale.

Dr. Howard was chosen because her work echoed perfectly the mission of the platform, to make change happen.

The Fellowship enabled Dr. Howard to co-found the The Integrate Movement (TIM), which will disseminate the principles of MAC-UK’s Integrate approach with a range of partners and young people.

Whilst she has achieved many things, through her work Dr. Howard sees the potential for considerable positive change and continues to work on a number of initiatives designed to transform lives.

One such initiative is the Camerados Living Rooms: a high street presence for people whose lives may be disintegrating in silence and isolation or are already in crisis but not being served by the system.

Her mission is to continually seek out opportunities to accelerate change through constructive collaboration.

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