Charlotte Augst, Richmond Group

picture-charlotteDr. Charlotte Augst is Partnership Director of the Richmond Group of Charities. She came to London in 1997, after completing a law degree in Germany, to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of London. She holds a PhD in law and medical ethics. She now lives in South London with her British husband and two children.

Charlotte has held senior positions in health and research policy – in Parliament, for national regulators, and in the charitable sector. She has been a Trustee of Mosaic Clubhouse, a Brixton based mental health recovery charity, since 2015.

NPC Ignites conference session:

D1: New bedfellows: Charities + commissioners
As the state’s role changes radically, both commissioners and charities are having to re-evaluate how they achieve change. Join our discussion on whether competition has had its day, what role charities can play in public sector markets, and how commissioners and charities can work better together to ensure the maximum impact is delivered for, and with, communities.