Eoghan Mackie, Challenges Worldwide

eoghanEoghan Mackie is a former corporate lawyer and founder of the Challenges group – a collection of social enterprises which serve enterprise development in low and middle income countries. The group currently provides direct support to 250 individual growth companies, deploying more than 30,000+ onsite days per year through 600+ associates. Challenges’ services range from basic business development support, to more specific trade, investment and growth related technical assistance.

As a specialist enterprise development agency, Challenges has spent the last two years testing new cloud based platforms on its own portfolio of enterprises. The technology will enable on time, quality assured enterprise development support, impact investment and impact tracking to be scaled and sustained at dramatically lowers costs than today’s market norms. The aim is the offer this new platform environment to partners, sharing the benefits of the efficiency the hybrid Challenges model brings, while enabling more spend to be directly to address the root of issues, resulting in better value for money inputs and clearer outputs and impact.

NPC Ignites conference session:

B1: Looking ahead in measurement + evaluation
In this session, we will explore the drivers of change and highlight trends and inspiring examples of new approaches to measuring and evaluating impact.