Fran Perrin, Indigo Trust

Head shot of fran perrinFran Perrin is the Founder and Director of The Indigo Trust, part of The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (SFCT). SFCT is the operating office of 18 grant-making trusts established by three generations of the Sainsbury family. The trusts’ donations to charitable causes over several decades represent one of the leading examples of sustained philanthropy in Britain.

The Indigo Trust funds projects and organisations in 15 countries across sub-Saharan Africa which use mobile and web technologies to enable citizens to make more informed choices and hold authorities to account. We envision a world of responsive and accountable institutions and active, informed citizens that together create positive change in their societies.

Fran was formerly an advisor in the Prime Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit in the UK Government for both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. She is a board member of The Philanthropy Workshop and Cofounder and Chair of 360 Giving, a campaign which supports grantmakers to publish their grants data openly, to understand their data, and to use the data to create online tools that make grant-making more effective.

She is an alumna of the University of Cambridge with a Masters Degree in Criminology.

NPC Ignites conference session:

Panel discussion: The future’s already here, so how do we harness it?
Digital technology and data have already started to transform the charity sector and those that fund and invest in it. Hear from some of the pioneers in grant-making and charities how that transformation is happening, and what’s changing as a result. This session will focus on concrete examples, but also explore what more needs to change to harness tech and data’s true potential.