Gideon Skinner, Ipsos MORI

Headshot of Gideon SkinnerGideon Skinner is a Research Director and Head of Political Research at the Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute, where he has worked since 1997. Gideon leads on our research into cross-cutting issues that face all public services, such as public service reform, trust, and public sector reputation, as well as research into many political and social trends.

As Head of Political Research, Gideon has been involved in our coverage and analysis of every general election since 1997. Gideon directs our monthly Political Monitor, and is a regular commentator on public opinion on current affairs. More broadly, he has extensive experience of research on public services reform, directing many projects for the centre of government and other Whitehall departments. Gideon has also worked with a wide range of public sector agencies, regulators, charities, think tanks, academics and local and regional public services. Further afield, he has international experience, providing consultancy advice and speaking at international conferences on social research, policy and public attitudes.

Gideon has specific responsibility for Ipsos MORI’s efforts to use our social research to make impact through thought leadership, including editing many of our reports on social trends. As part of this Gideon also presents our data to many interested audiences and conferences both in the UK and overseas, and on TV and radio, as well as to clients – including Cabinet Ministers, senior civil servants, chief executives, to young people, and other public audiences.

NPC Ignites conference session:

D1: How can transparency help us regain trust?

Trust in charities took another hit in 2018 with big headlines about charities also being implicated in the #MeToo controversy and safe guarding exposés both abroad and at home. In this session we’ll discuss how charities can regain the trust of the public and what steps need to be taken prevent future scandals.