Jamie Hartzell

please credit mimsaxl.photography - Jamie Hartzell-3 (cropped)Jamie is one of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs. He is also an investor in a wide range of social businesses.

Jamie is founder and chair of Ethex, the positive savings and investment platform that makes it easy to make money do good. He is chair of the Fairtrade companies Divine Chocolate. He is also a director of Tonic Housing, which aims to establish appropriate accommodation for elderly members of the LGBT community. He was until recently chair of Zaytoun, a company importing fair trade olive oil and other products from Palestine, and of Hub Commercial Ventures, an Oxford based restaurant and hospitality business that aims to encourage student engagement with social action.

Jamie began his career as a documentary filmmaker for the BBC and Channel 4 before entering the world of social business in 1998, when he founded the Ethical Property Company, which buys and manages buildings providing serviced office accommodation for social change organisations. He led the company for 13 years, taking it from one employee to some 70 staff, operating 20 centres in the UK, Belgium, and France with 1,600 shareholders bringing over £15 million in capital. He also founded the charity the Ethical Property Foundation.

NPC Ignites conference session:

C2: How to grow the funding pie: crowdfunding + social investment
We will explore how to access new funding streams, such as crowdfunding and social investment, and ask how these sources might complement existing ones.

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