Julian Corner, Lankelly Chase

Julian-1Julian joined Lankelly Chase as its Chief Executive in 2011, where he has since led a major shift in its focus towards funding systemic change for people facing severe and multiple disadvantage. He was previously Chief Executive of criminal justice and mental health charity Revolving Doors Agency and has twice worked as a civil servant, mainly in the Home Office but also in the Department for Education and Employment and the Social Exclusion Unit (SEU). He is currently a trustee of Clinks and Chair of Toynbee Hall.

NPC Ignites conference session:

Afternoon panel: Systems change: more than just a ‘shiny’ new thing?
Systems change advocates hail it as the answer to complex social problems, such as homelessness, re-offending, and substance misuse. But where are the examples of this working? And how can organisations practically engage with this new thinking? Come and learn what systems change might mean for your organisation.