Michelle Mitchell, MS Society

Comm by Becky Cresta

Michelle has been CEO of the MS Society since 2013. She joined the organisation after witnessing the devastating impact that living with MS can have on individuals and families.

She has overseen a major realignment of MS Society’s strategy. This has re-focussed the charity on the things that people with MS have said are important to them. This has included championing major initiatives including launching the STOP MS £100m major research appeal and overseeing a 35% increase in fundraising in the last 3 years.

Michelle has extensive voluntary sector experience at a leadership level. She is a Non-Executive Director of NHS England and is a trustee of the MS International Federation. Michelle is also a managing member of the Progressive MS Alliance. She has been a trustee of the King’s Fund and the Power to Change Trust.

Before joining the MS Society, Michelle Mitchell was Director General for Age UK. Prior to that, Michelle was Chair of the Fawcett Society.

Michelle has a BA in Economics, an MA in Politics and Administration and an International Executive Diploma from INSEAD. Michelle is an alumna of the Innovations in Government programme at Harvard University JFK School and of the Strategic Perspectives in Non-profit Management programme at Harvard Business School.

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