Rachel Fisher, National Housing Federation

Rachel Fisher

Rachel is Head of Policy leading on devolution, investment, planning, asset management, sustainability and the design and build of new homes. Prior to this she worked at CABE (latterly Design Council) and also the RICS, where she developed a broad understanding of urban design, sustainability and regeneration policy and practice. She was a member of the Government’s Housing Standards Review steering group, was a Commissioner of the Bristol Mayor’s Homes Commission, and has spoken widely on the issues of housing and planning. She is also the co-founder of Urbanistas, a women-led network committed to making cities better for everyone.

NPC Ignites conference session:

A2: Devo to the max
The devolution agenda should offer opportunities to break down traditional silos and transform public services to be much more responsive to the needs of service users. Charities are well placed to deliver interventions at a local level, but how do they start to engage with the new structures? Is there a danger of creating a sub-regional tier of government that is more remote from the communities it pertains to serve, leaving local charities locked out of the mix?