Rob Abercrombie

RobRob leads NPC’s Research & Consulting team and is a member of NPC’s senior management team.

The Research & Consulting team works with funders, charities and government, helping them to develop the right strategy and to measure their impact. Rob is responsible for setting the team’s direction, for bringing in new consultancy work, and ensuring that projects are delivered to a high standard. He brings to NPC more than a decade of strategy consulting experience and has worked with clients from across the voluntary, public and private sectors.

Prior to NPC, Rob was Director of Community Business Development at the Shaw Trust and Head of Strategic Intelligence at Which?. Rob has also worked pro bono for Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, and served two terms as a Governor of the Cripplegate Foundation.

Rob is particularly interested in foundation strategy, the effective funding of social justice, and in charities’ commercial activities.

NPC Ignites conference session:

B2: Innovations in funding
How are funders responding to the shifting boundaries of the state? What innovations are we seeing from funders? A panel of leading funders, large and small, will debate where funders are getting it right, where they aren’t, and what the sector can learn from those who are trying to push the boundaries.

Afternoon panel: Systems change: more than just a ‘shiny’ new thing?
Systems change advocates hail it as the answer to complex social problems, such as homelessness, re-offending, and substance misuse. But where are the examples of this working? And how can organisations practically engage with this new thinking? Come and learn what systems change might mean for your organisation.