Simon Buckby, Champollion

Simon BuckbySimon established Champollion in 2005 after a career garnering direct experience of the way the media works. Simon has been fully trained in all media skills and has an enormous array of contacts from his years as both the Social Affairs and the Employment Correspondents of the Financial Times, a political reporter for the BBC and a producer at LWT.

Named in the prestigious list of top 100 public affairs professionals in Britain by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Total Politics magazine, Simon has a proven track-record as a political strategist and campaign communicator.

NPC Ignites conference session:

A1: Can you trust an expert?
The public is inundated with advice from experts, but it’s said they no longer have confidence in what the experts say. In a world where advice can be crowd-sourced from a person’s peer group, how can the sector get its message across? This session will ask:

  • What does the rise of alternative facts and evidence mean for charities?
  • How we can break ‘group think’ and avoid social tribalism?
  • What can reignite the bonds of trust with the general public?