Tom Alexander, London Borough of Sutton

Tom Alexander headshotTom is an enthusiastic trier. He has worked in public service for over a decade having been a warehouseman, labourer and lecturer in Gramsci’s Hegemony Theory. He spent a lot of time working with adults with learning disabilities and credits those years as being the ones that taught him the useful stuff – you’ll never understand the humility required of a public servant until you have had to take something away from someone in need. More recently he has been busy undertaking a range of epic commissioning failures punctuated with the odd bit of success like trying to meaningfully open up Sutton Council’s commissioning process so that local people can help redesign the offer. He is happy to share the learning (warts and all) assuming you will do likewise…

NPC Ignites conference session:

A1: What is the significance of place and locality in achieving social change?

Can place-based approaches answer the challenges faced by communities around the country? This session will explore: the role of the charity sector in driving and shaping the debate around place-based delivery of public services; and how we can work in fundamentally new ways with our local partners to maximise social value and well-being.