The story of NPC Ignites 2017

On 11 October 2017 leaders from the sector and beyond gathered at Friends House in London for our annual conference NPC Ignites. The conference showed just how exciting this sector can be. Yes, we have our problems and issues and some of them are all of our own making. But to hear great charity leaders like Polly Neate of Shelter, Fiona Weir of the JRRF and former CEO of Gingerbread, and Stephen Hale of Refugee Action can send shivers down your spine.

And the inspiration from Lord David Sainsbury should be a lesson to all philanthropists and funders on how to think about creating change (even if most have a little less than him to play with!).

Equally, we were far from feeling down about the evidence on the state of the public opinion that Deborah Mattinson of BritainThinks revealed or the breakdown in the trust of experts that’s Ian Dunt talked about, or the slightly frightening developments in AI that ex-DeepMind man Dr Will Cavendish presented.

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What attendees said about the conference:

I haven’t been to many conferences before and so this has set the bar high! I remember reading that I would come out feeling inspired and I absolutely did feel that way.

‘Must-go-to-‘ event on the circuit

I learnt a lot and had a lot of opportunities to network

Everything was really well organised from start to finish.

Chance to reflect and consider wider picture and oppertunity

Thank you! Will be back.